"Athena" - Bronze - 173cm x 56cm x 48cm - Privately purchased


Athena was known in ancient Greece as the Goddess of Wisdom and War. She was beautiful, courageous, inspirational and known for being the protector of the city. Using all her accolades, I created Athena as a guardian of nature, one that can over see all aspects of her surrounding environmental conditions. Although she is in a fragmented state, this bronze sculpture illustrates the hardships of changes to the natural world that have occurred over time through pollution, global warming and the depletion of forests and marsh lands. Her textural appearance and color of patina, harmonize with the landscaping elements. Athena is also a symbol of strength, surviving the millennium of change, forever watching over and protecting nature.

Level 3 (XP: 600)
The night photo with the up-lighting, enhances the beautiful forms adding a dramatic visual effect.