"Emotional Expressive Forms" - New Series!!!

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I would like to introduce my newest series titled, "Emotional Expressive Forms". These are a new style of sculptures I have been developing over many years that I would now like to exhibit in the public realm.
Brett Davis, SSC, Sculptor
Age of Bronze

Artist Statement - ‘Emotional Expressive Forms’



“Expressionism” is the tendency of an artist to distort reality to create an emotional effect, which can be expressed through color and form. These works were influenced by the Expressionism Movement,  adopting a simplistic and minimal approach. The expression of movement is apparent, minimized by the abstraction of body parts, communicating through visual sensory while appearing archaic by nature with overtones of classicism. Relationship to space between and around the figures are an essential element in executing this pure form of emotions. Lighting also plays a key role in defining the angular and rounded forms. The medium of cast bronze is a critical catalyst that aids in connecting the sculptures to these emotional states through the use of various colored patinas on smooth surfaces helping to compliment the expressive forms.

***More sculptures are in the works and will be published on the website soon...